Small Town Dreamers // with Nick & Dana

Photographed April 2017

Emma // Senior Pictures

Photographed April 2017

The Wright brothers

Photographed September 2016

The Madsen Family

Photographed June 2017

Alyce // Senior Pictures

Photographed May 2017

I always love including things that represents a high school senior's interests. Alyce and her mom came prepared with ample things for me to choose from and I love that they brought the dresses she wore for homecoming and prom. Those were fun to include and a first for me.

The Mangum Family

Photographed June 2016

The Bennetts

Photographed February 2017

Noah // Senior Pictures

Photographed April 2017

Zoi // Senior Pictures

Photographed April 2017

The Littlefield Family // At home

Welcomed gift(s)

I had a great time with the Littlefield family and their new twin girls. Last Christmas, they were gifted a portrait session with me by a family member and last month they cashed in. I loved that they decided to invite the grandparents over for a few shots with the girls. The extra "oohs" and "ahhs" were a welcome addition.

Photographed April 2017

Dancer, Robert Goodman


Photographed May 2016

The Collings Family // At home