Kyle Beckerman

How cool is Kyle Beckerman? So cool that he's willing to spend an evening with my writer and I (on his own time), detour to pick up an official ball before meeting us, get dressed in everything that I've brought for him and do whatever I tell him (without a single question), change in a parking garage, risk impending sprinklers and hang out long after we've finished. That's how cool Mr. Beckerman is. I was so impressed with how cool and easy Kyle was to work with. So much so that I'm going to use the word 'cool' again, because he was just that cool. Cool?

These were taken at the Xango practice field in Lehi. My body fed about 20 mosquitoes that night.


While tying Kyle's bow tie.
Me: Kyle this is the first time I've ever tied a bow tie.
Kyle: This is the first time I've ever worn a bow tie.

Post updated Jan '12