Rock Enrollment - Shoot Revisted

These were shot, for Square Magazine's "Rock Issue," near the end of summer '06, to highlight local bands and musicians. As part of the featured spread, each group was asked to do a cover of their favorite song, which was then offered as a free download on Square's site. The project proved to be daunting, but successful.

Seve vs. Evan - Besides the large group shot, this shot of Severin Bozung and Evan Sharp is my favorite. I was most excited to shoot the both of them and they executed what I had asked for perfectly. Even the chalk drawing Severin came up with - which I am still the proud owner of.

Benton Paul - Benton's been getting a lot of buzz lately and for good reason. I love his latest album. Keep your ears open for him, good things are coming his way.

Code Hero -

Jon Pinney -

Deborah Fotheringham -

Another Statistic -

Mathematics Et Cetera -

Dustin Christensen of Jerrytown -

It's funny to look back over these and see how much my style hasn't changed. But... it is "old school prep" and I'm all over that.

Here's a behind-the-scenes video of the shoot.
My friend Joseph Draschil put this together for Square and I had forgotten all about it until last night. It was fun to watch again. Enjoy.

I still can't thank Karli Haglund and her parents enough for their help with last minute "location scouting" the night before. Lifesavers.