TWENTY-ONE // Hockey player, Marc Cantin


"I live my life with a hardworking mentality. I'm a firm believer that success and anything worth achieving is never given but earned."


"For me, a hero isn't someone who becomes an overnight sensation or someone who attains a level of greatness in their craft but someone who influences those around them, at all times, to be better. For me, that person is my father."


"My first memory of achievement was [when I was] drafted into the OHL [Ontario Hockey League] as a 15-year-old."

Photographed April 2016

The Carter Family

Gone with the wind

It was windy, when I rolled into Las Vegas to shoot the Carter family. So, we rescheduled for the following week when I was planning to roll back in.

I returned. It was still windy. But, it couldn't stop us and it didn't stop us. 

I had the best time with the Carter family out in the Nevada desert.

Photographed October 2016

The Moss Family // At home

In the dog house

I had a blast with the Moss family a couple Saturdays ago. It was a house full of family, friends, dogs, and laughter -- complete chaos in all the right ways.

I love shooting in and around a family's home. The session is always more chill, as well as easier and fun for young kids ... and dads.

Photographed December 2016


Seeing Red

I had picked up these two polka-dot blouses at a local thrift store -- where they where hanging next to each other on a rack, just asking to be photographed. Red polka-dots, against a white backdrop, at a white table. That was the idea. Sisters Malery and Sydney were my willing subjects. Their only instruction -- wear red lipstick.

Sometimes the best shots happen during the light test. This shoot was no exception.

Photographed July 2016

The Butterfield Family

The following conversation happened between myself and their youngest daughter.

"We're not going to have any fun. I'm not a fun photographer."

"I don't believe you."

"Why not?"

"You just asked him to do kicks in the air."

She was on to me.

Photographed December 2016

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