The Katzenbach Twins

"I get that I look like that guy from The Hangover a lot."

I first met, twin brothers, Matt (left) and Scott (right) Katzenbach five years ago when I photographed them for a personal project I was working on featuring brothers. Noticing that Matt looked a lot like Bradley Cooper, I remember asking him who people thought he looked like which he responded, with some reluctance, "I get that I look like that guy from The Hangover a lot."

Flash forward to last summer when Matt reached out, finally ready to embrace his doppelganger-ness, and asked if I would take some head shots of him. I had a feeling a plan was in the works, so, I wasn't surprised to see the commotion that was caused by a Bradley Cooper look-alike "running amok" during this year's Sundance Film Festival. Read what Matt had to say about it here.

"I think it might be time [for head shots]. Literally can't go anywhere without being asked if "anyone's ever told me that I look like Bradley Cooper," or if I literally am him."

I had the guys meet me at one of my favorite studios (the backside of a strip mall) where I threw up some white seamless paper and used the harsh sunlight to recreate the look (and a pose or two) from photographer, Norman Jean Roy's shots of Bradley. 

I got Scott in on the action as well - who has more of the "American Sniper Brad" look.

Photographed July 2015