Room & Board - Shoot Revisited

I was reminded of these photos while staying in Park City over the weekend. The closest I got to sharing these were a little over a year ago in this post. And just like this weekend, this shoot made me hungry for snow.

These were shot for Square Magazine's Snowed In issue, which was guest edited by The Q Network - they hooked us up like no other. Photographed at The Canyons Resort in Park City, we were given access to a suite which made for a perfect location and comfortable place for everyone to chill (and play Uno) between shots.

We had the models carpool up so they could get to know each other and become fast friends, which they did, because by the time I said "Now act like friends," they didn't have to act.


It was a lot of work for just four images, but as always a lot of fun.

Devereaux Smith, from the Q Network, and Emily Frame, Square's fashion editor, did a great job with wardrobe - giving each model their own individual style. Emily will tell you, I usually have something to say about what is worn and who wears what when it comes to stuff like this, but this time I kept my mouth shut and let Devereaux and Emily work their magic.

Best "you had to be there" moment: Bo, our youngest model, had (and still has) the deepest voice. And I mean deep. During lunch I asked him to repeat "Oh, Baby" really slow. He did.
Watch out ladies.