Senior Pictures - What are you waiting for?

A mother of the bride called me once to inquire about my wedding prices and I informed her that I didn't shoot weddings. She was surprised and then asked what I did shoot. And I told her engagements, families, kids, and seniors. There was a pause in the conversation. And then she replied in surprise (and in all seriousness) "Oh, seniors. Well, maybe my husband and I will have to hire you to take our picture."

I've since learned to be more clear in regards to what seniors I'm referring to.

So, let me sell you on why you should get your high school senior's pictures taken right now.

Utah is beautiful right now and it won't last long. The lighting is great, the weather is great, the days are still long enough and your senior is excited to be a senior.
That's a lot of pluses, right?

Waiting for the leaves to change (for those perfect fall pictures) is a tricky thing in Utah. There's about a week when the leaves and weather are in perfect harmony and it's beautiful.
You'll be busy that week.
The following week, there will be a wind storm. And if it's not a wind storm, it will be snowing.

Waiting for spring to show up (for perfect spring pictures) before they graduate, is also a tricky thing in Utah. Utah doesn't look good again until June (maybe late May at best). Remember? Just pull out your pictures from last Easter and try to tell me the only green you see isn't the fake grass in the Easter baskets.

I love snow pictures, so I won't be too hard on winter, but guaranteed you'll have a problem with snow pictures. And if you don't, then let's talk, because I need to find more clients that love snow pictures.

It's on your mind
and your to-do list. And you want to get it done with. Plus, the ones the school offers are horrible (do they really capture who your senior is? I didn't think so). You know it and your senior knows it. And if you don't do senior pictures now, they'll talk you into it, you'll be weak, you'll purchase a package and hate yourself for the decision. BUT, you will have a great photo of your senior in front of a laser beam backdrop. Or if you're lucky, leaning against a large "11."

And lastly, you just bought them new clothes. They're ready for pictures.

Pricing for senior pictures can be found here. Contact me today and let's get something set up.
And if you don't do them now, I'm still willing to do them whenever. I'm happy to shoot in Utah any time of the year.