Do you know this couple? II

Over a year ago I enlisted your help to help me identify an unknown couple I had photographed while out at Utah Lake. It didn't take long to hear back from readers and, eventually, the individuals in the photograph. Because of your help, I was finally able to pass on their photo as promised.

I've been thinking about this recently, because this post still is, surprisingly, one of my blogs most sought out posts. Why? I have no idea. They've been found, after all.  

So, this got me thinking. Could I find another couple I don't know this way? Is this world as small as we suspect it is? I believe it is and I'm up for trying it again...that is if you are, because I'm going to need your help.

So, do you know this couple?

You may be asking yourself why this couple (and honestly I don't even know if they are a couple)? Well, shortly after I posted their picture the first time, a reader contacted me to let me know that the image had popped up uncredited on another blog. It made me think that if there was a picture of me floating around the webisphere I would want to see it and know how it was being used....even if it was only the back of my head. I've never been very comfortable taking pictures of strangers without their permission, even in public places, so there's always been a small amount of guilt that these two people don't know about their picture.

So, readers (especially those of you that live in New York City, and according to Google Analytics, I know there are more than a few of you that read my blog) do you know this couple? It was taken in Bryant Park on Wednesday June 23rd of last year. A little past lunchtime.

If you know who they are or have any leads, contact me or have them contact me at mattclaytonphotography{at} And to motivate the search, I'm offering an 8x10 print of the couple (or of any of the other Bryant Park images found here and here) to the person that finds them. I know it's not much, but it's something, right?