Standard Issue

These were taken over a year ago in March of 2010. This was my first time shooting out at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

It took the work of an LA based photographer for me to realize the great location I had in my own "backyard." His personal portfolio was filled with several different images of models and athletes shot out at the Salt Flats and I imagined that he, being from California, probably thought the Flats were a pretty unique place; and that images shot out there would really help diversify his portfolio, the same way I might think about adding images - shot in New York City or at the beach - to mine. So, this got me thinking that, what this photographer thought was so cool and unique was something I took for granted and had never bothered to take advantage of. 

So, with that as inspiration, I grabbed a model - who wanted to do some trade work, threw together a concept, and headed out to the Salt Flats to take full advantage of my "backyard."

Sometimes we need an outsider to remind us of what we're lucky to have.