MCP Presets Sale


I'm pleased to finally offer this collection of MCP Lightroom and mobile presets -- specially designed to look as natural and unique as everyone else's!

All you need is a camera — and maybe some basic knowledge on how to use one (but don't sweat that, that’s what automatic mode is for), a computer, and my collection of authentic presets — and you too can be a professional photographer with professional looking images.

These presets are also easy to use on your phone so that you can create a cohesive look for your Instagram profile; guaranteed to get you more "likes" and followers with that every-picture-looks-the-same-color consistency.

Scroll down to see the collection! Plus, use the promo code below to save on my introductory price of only $95 per set!


Image under exposed? Don’t worry, this preset will brighten and lighten while adding a kiss of pink to the skin.



Wrinkles and blemishes don’t stand a chance against this preset. Enhance your subject’s beauty with soft skin and dazzling eyes — creating true cover models — looking natural and effortless. Works great on both men and women!



It’s “golden hour” every hour with this vintage inspired preset. A touch of grain and digitally added dust specs and scratches give your images that real authentic, genuine, Kodak-moment look! Call it photo un-restoration.



Whether you’re an Instagram influencer to thousands of people or to thousands of fake accounts, this one’s a must! Give those naturally dull colors an added over-saturated boost with this on-trend preset and say good-bye real skin color and hello orange!



One of my personal favorites, this preset not only changes your image from color to a classic black and white but adds white shirts, popped collars, and drapes coats over shoulders. This is one of my go-to presets. I can’t live without this one!


Want these looks yourself? Use promo code: APR1L and get $1 OFF!

POST UPDATE: April Fools!