New Year, New projects


In with the new

The new year always gets me excited about working on new projects. I've got a few personal projects in mind as well as some new portfolio work I would like to shoot this year and I'm in need of some willing subjects. Check it out below. If interested, email me along with a couple recent shots of yourself/kids to mattclaytonphotography{at} Please also include height and clothing sizes.

REDHEADS: Looking for redheads -- not strawberry blondes or the brunettes bordering on red but the really red redheads (natural, of course) -- in a variety of ages.

KIDS/TWEENS: Looking for kids ages 7-12. Unique and diverse looks welcome.

COWBOYS & COWGIRLS: Looking for those that work with horses.

DANCERS: I'm always looking for ballet dancers. This year, I’m looking for contemporary dancers as well. Male and female.

YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A MODEL: Looking for willing subjects 18+. If you’ve shot with me before or have wanted to, reach out. I might be interested in using you! Looking for a good variety of looks.

I will respond to those I’m interested in using. And I may not respond right away. Don’t take it personal. Those selected will receive digital copies of the their best shots for their time. These images are for portfolio purposes only and will not be sold to a third party. If you have any other questions, let me know! Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for being willing!