Curt Doussett - Uncovered

I was going through some old photos and found these shots that I had taken, last year, of local actor Curt Doussett. They have never really seen the light of, I thought I'd share. These were shot for a magazine article about Curt. At the time he was the host of a new show on The Discovery Channel called Hazard Pay. The show was a lot like Dirty Jobs except he was working dangerous jobs. I thought changing a baby boy's diaper would play visually as a "dangerous job" and I knew Curt had a baby boy around the house, so that prop would be easy to find. Tonia, his wife, was happy to lend their son, Cade, for the shoot since he needed to be changed anyway. The third one over from the top is the one that was used in the magazine.

The truck shots were taken after the diaper change, in case my first idea didn't work out.