Actor & Dancer Shawn Carter

Meet Shawn Carter. He dances. And acts. And he's one of the few people that can say that they were in all three High School Musical films.
He helped pull a prank on Zac Efron. It was wet. "[Vanessa] was mad."

These shots were taken as part of a "fashion spread" to help promote Shawn's new movie Scout Camp, which he stars in, alongside local favorite Kirby Heyborne. The idea behind the shoot was all about how to look cool in khakis this summer. I think Shawn pulled it off nicely.

Shawn becomes your friend as soon as you meet him. And he is just as others describe him - professional, humble, hard working and a real nice guy.
After I told him the idea behind the shoot, and that my goal was to turn him into a heartthrob, he let me know that he was ready for whatever I had planned. "I love dressing up. S
o I'll do whatever you need me to. I'm just excited to do this."

The owner of the car was six years-old when his dad bought it. It's as original as it gets, even the color. It was a beauty. Shawn and I where like kids in a candy store when it arrived.

These were shot at Parker's Drive-In, on the corner of State St. and 500 East in American Fork. One of my favorite places. Shawn loves attention, so needless to say he enjoyed every whistle and car horn that came his way.

"Real men wear pink" was Shawn's response as soon as I pulled out the pink shirt. I knew I liked this kid.

Clothing by Gap and Old Navy. More clothing details here.
Special thanks to Craig M. for the use of his beautiful car, Derek P. for the car tip, and my cousin Eric for saving the parking spaces.
Purchase your own copy of Scout Camp here.