Sean // Black on White

Experiment in contrast

Supplies: a sheet of white seamless paper, black paint, direct sunlight, and a willing model.

These were actually the results of Plan B. Plan A was a black fabric backdrop and a bag of flour. Though we got some interesting shots, the results didn't produce the sharp contrast I was hoping for. Luckily, Sean was up for round two.

Photographed July 2015

Olympian, Steven Nyman


Back in black

I had been wanting to get Olympic alpine ski racer, Steven Nyman, back in front of my lens for the longest time. I first photographed him (along with his brothers and the Hale sisters) back in 2006 for a magazine article and I let my nerves and lack of experience behind the camera get the best of me. Feeling defeated, I only hoped I might get another chance to work with him in the future.

That chance finally came.



More sweat than snow

We shot up in Park City, Utah, where I had tapped up white seamless paper to the backside of a local business (permission granted) to create an instant studio.

He was a champ, enduring the 85+ degree summer heat in black leggings and ski boots and up for anything.

Photographed July 2016


These shots, of track athlete Shaquille Walker, were taken back in June 2012, while I was working on my first personal project featuring college athletes and their bodies. Shaquille had tagged along with fellow athlete Justin Hedin -- who I photographed for the series. After working with Justin, I asked Shaquille if I could take his portrait. Since then, it's been fun to watch his success on the track. This guy can run.

Photographed June 2012

Utah Athlete Portrait Photographer

Garrott Coelho

"It's been a long time since I've worn a Speedo."

I photographed physique competitor, Garrott Coelho out at Saltair in Magna, Utah. The ground was still soft after a week of rain, there was more wind than I would have liked, and the bugs were just starting to arrive for the summer but the sun was out and the sky was clear -- that's all I could have asked for.

Unlike bodybuilders who wear briefs during competition, physique competitors typically just wear board shorts, so, Garrott was a good sport to don a Speedo for the shoot, let alone a white one.

"'He looks like Superman.' That's all he needs to hear."

I had Garrott's girlfriend (now wife), Chanelle, -- who joined us -- throw on the robe and get in a couple shots. She was a great help, applying oil (and bug spray), holding my light bounce, and keeping Garrott's ego in check.

Photographed April 2015