Garrott Coelho

"It's been a long time since I've worn a Speedo."

I photographed physique competitor, Garrott Coelho out at Saltair in Magna, Utah. The ground was still soft after a week of rain, there was more wind than I would have liked, and the bugs were just starting to arrive for the summer but the sun was out and the sky was clear -- that's all I could have asked for.

Unlike bodybuilders who wear briefs during competition, physique competitors typically just wear board shorts, so, Garrott was a good sport to don a Speedo for the shoot, let alone a white one.

"'He looks like Superman.' That's all he needs to hear."

I had Garrott's girlfriend (now wife), Chanelle, -- who joined us -- throw on the robe and get in a couple shots. She was a great help, applying oil (and bug spray), holding my light bounce, and keeping Garrott's ego in check.

Photographed April 2015