American style

Studio Test with Gordon & Jace

Testing, testing

Just a photographer, two models, and a hair and make up artist playing around in the studio.

Photographed July 2016

Hair and make up: Jocelyn Brown




Puppy Love

This shoot looks a lot different than the one I had planned. There was supposed to be a male model involved but he pulled a no-show. So, when Paytn and her mom pulled up with a puppy in hand, I knew I had my Plan B.


Photographed June 2017


Kid on set

Styled and shot this quick test shoot with kid model, Avenlie. She's probably the most professional model I've worked with. She certainly has quite the resume already -- shooting for the likes of Old Navy, Abercrombie Kids, and Moncler to name a few.

Photographed February 2017

Alex & Madison // Young Americans

Pinned and Patched

Sometimes you just can't wait around for someone to hire you so that you can use an idea that's been on your mind -- and that idea included a lot of pins and patches.

I found Madison and her boyfriend, Alex, while scrolling through Instagram and reached out to see if they would be willing to come into the studio for a few hours and play dress-up.

They were down.

Photographed February 2017

Core pieces from Gap sprinkled with items found at second-hand stores.

Want me to take over the styling of your next photo session? Just say the word.

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