MCP Holiday 2017


Photographed September 2017

Christmas comes early


"Hello, I'm a local photographer. I love your home. Can I invite a handful of strangers over to do a photo shoot in your front yard?" That's kinda like how the conversation went. Actually, I really can't remember. Nerves set in and I just started talking. I've had my eye on a local home for so long I didn't want to hear "no" because there was no plan B. Luckily, they said yes and let me invite a handful of strangers over to do a photo shoot in their front yard.

I love working on self assigned projects and I've had this idea of shooting "Christmas" while it's still green outside (with a whole lot of plaid) for a while. So, with the perfect location, a group of willing models, and a couple trips to the local second-hand stores, I was able to make this Christmas wish come true.

The Littlefield Family // At home

Welcomed gift(s)

I had a great time with the Littlefield family and their new twin girls. Last Christmas, they were gifted a portrait session with me by a family member and last month they cashed in. I loved that they decided to invite the grandparents over for a few shots with the girls. The extra "oohs" and "ahhs" were a welcome addition.

Photographed April 2017