Facebook finds

Caged in with Ryan & Bret

I drive under this caged walkway at least once a week and, for over a year now, I've been wanting to photograph a couple on it - an idea was itching. So, with the quick arrival of October and the ever impending winter, I had to make something happen soon or I would continue passing underneath it hoping to use it someday and I feared the walkway would continue to be a weekly reminder that I keep putting ideas on hold. So, yesterday I met up with Facebook friend, Bret, and her boyfriend, Ryan, and got it out of my system.

It proved to be as great of a location as I hoped it would be.

Thanks caged walkway. I can now drive underneath you in peace.

Photographed yesterday

"Big Kid" - shoot revisited

In commemoration of Square Magazine's third birthday this week, here are a few shots from one of my favorite Square Magazine cover shoots. These were taken over a year ago for "The Big Kid Issue."
I wanted a Doris Day/Rock Hudson type of couple for the cover, so I was stoked when we found Dan and Natalie. Both of which, were found through Facebook and still remain two of my most favorite "models" that I've ever photographed for one of Square's covers.