Paper goods and some imagination


Once upon a {craft} time

A visit to a craft store, party store and a second-hand store made this shoot possible. And a stapler.


There is now an apartment complex where this field used to be. {sad face emoji}

Photographed June 2015

Models: Dallin Featherstone & Casey Macula

Sean // Black on White

Experiment in contrast

Supplies: a sheet of white seamless paper, black paint, direct sunlight, and a willing model.

These were actually the results of Plan B. Plan A was a black fabric backdrop and a bag of flour. Though we got some interesting shots, the results didn't produce the sharp contrast I was hoping for. Luckily, Sean was up for round two.

Photographed July 2015

Body of Work 2012

Your subject stands there. Ready. The question, "what do you want me to do?" soon follows. That's how it usually begins. But with this project I was able to turn that question around and ask "What do you do? As an athlete, what types of motions do you go through?" And then I would have them show me.

Body of Work 2012 is the result of a personal project I worked on throughout 2012. A series of photographs that highlight the college athlete and their body, the project features twenty athletes from a variety of sports - doing what they do. 

 Jantzen Romney, Soccer Player, Midfielder

 Monte Schmalhaus, Wrestler // Ellis Walters, Diver

 Justin Hedin, Middle Distance Runner

 David Gates, Soccer Player, Forward // Carlee Holmoe, Soccer Player, Forward

 Dallin Cutler, Soccer Player, Holding/Attacking Midfielder // Wes Guenther, Baseball Player, Catcher

 Christen Guenther, Pole Vaulter

 Robb Stowell, Volleyball Player, Opposite Hitter

 Beu Burton, Football Player, Running Back // Jordan Fletcher, Swimmer, Sprinter

 Winston Wilkinson, Discus Thrower

 Tua Laei, Rugby Player, Wing

 Matt Hamilton, Hockey Player, Center

 Michael E., Tennis Player // Chance Cooper, Lacrosse Player, Close Defense

 Sarah Yandow, Gymnast

Christian Tyler, Basketball Player, Point Guard // Christie Carpenter, Volleyball Player, Outside Hitter

Photographed throughout 2012

Five Artists and the same White T-shirt

Meet five local artists who were given the same white T-shirt and asked to use it as their canvas. Here is what they came up with. From top to bottom: Dan Barney, Crystal Thomas, Colin Nesbit, Allan Edward Ludwig, and Ruel Brown. You can check these shirts out for yourself and place a bid in a silent auction at Provo's Downtown Gallery Stroll on Friday, February 6. Proceeds will go towards the Sego Arts Foundation.