Body of Work 2012

Your subject stands there. Ready. The question, "what do you want me to do?" soon follows. That's how it usually begins. But with this project I was able to turn that question around and ask "What do you do? As an athlete, what types of motions do you go through?" And then I would have them show me.

Body of Work 2012 is the result of a personal project I worked on throughout 2012. A series of photographs that highlight the college athlete and their body, the project features twenty athletes from a variety of sports - doing what they do. 

 Jantzen Romney, Soccer Player, Midfielder

 Monte Schmalhaus, Wrestler // Ellis Walters, Diver

 Justin Hedin, Middle Distance Runner

 David Gates, Soccer Player, Forward // Carlee Holmoe, Soccer Player, Forward

 Dallin Cutler, Soccer Player, Holding/Attacking Midfielder // Wes Guenther, Baseball Player, Catcher

 Christen Guenther, Pole Vaulter

 Robb Stowell, Volleyball Player, Opposite Hitter

 Beu Burton, Football Player, Running Back // Jordan Fletcher, Swimmer, Sprinter

 Winston Wilkinson, Discus Thrower

 Tua Laei, Rugby Player, Wing

 Matt Hamilton, Hockey Player, Center

 Michael E., Tennis Player // Chance Cooper, Lacrosse Player, Close Defense

 Sarah Yandow, Gymnast

Christian Tyler, Basketball Player, Point Guard // Christie Carpenter, Volleyball Player, Outside Hitter

Photographed throughout 2012

Kate and Kyle - Part I {Home-Field Advantage}

Real Salt Lake midfielder, Kyle Beckerman, and his fiancé, Kate, first met during a video shoot at Rio Tinto Stadium. Besides Kyle's obvious connection with the stadium, it was a location that meant something to both of them and their story together so I was happy they wanted to include it in their pictures. 

View Part II of Kate and Kyle's engagement sitting here.

Photographed - June '13